Welcome to Yume

We bring suppliers and buyers together to reduce food waste

At Yume, we want to create a world without waste because all good food deserves to be eaten. Our wholesale platform creates a marketplace between suppliers with quality surplus produce and businesses who will use it.

So whether you’re a supplier or a buyer, you can help us get one step closer to reducing global food waste. And for any produce that doesn’t sell, we offer businesses the opportunity to donate it to one of our partner charities around the country

How Yume works

Become a Supplier

As a supplier, you’ll get access to a large range of buyers outside your traditional supply network, which can increase your profitability by selling produce that would otherwise just go to waste.

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Become a Buyer

As a buyer, you can get the quality surplus goods you want, at a discounted rate and help save the planet!  Whether you’re a restaurant, a catering company, a manufacturer or someone with a commercial kitchen, we’ve got the goods.

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