Yume Wholesale

Our platform for Suppliers and Buyers helps make the food go around.

Yume wholesale is a unique and revolutionary new marketplace that helps organisations with quality surplus produce connect with businesses that can use it.

Suppliers might include producers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, while Buyers could be cafés, restaurants, caterers, manufacturers or anyone with a commercial kitchen.

For Buyers, the platform acts as an opportunity to purchase quality surplus food at heavily discounted rates.

For Suppliers, the platform gives access to a large network of Buyers outside of their normal sales networks.

Increasing their profitability by selling their quality produce that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Yume’s no-waste mission ensures that any produce that isn’t sold on the platform can be offered for donation to one of our food partner charities around Australia.


Yume Wholesale for Buyers

Yume Wholesale for Suppliers

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We’re renovating the Yume App.

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We’re taking a small break from The Yume App to launch Yume Wholesale.

We’ve gone further up the food chain to continue our mission of creating a world without waste.

But don’t delete and don’t despair – The Yume App is being renovated and will be back – new and improved with more restaurants, offers and features!

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